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Place Types : shop, Food Drinks: Food Shops
Address : Calle Los Andes 4, San Ramón de La Nueva Orán Salta
Coordinate : -23.1377, -64.3326
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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Where is Zarate Pedro Avelino?

    Zarate Pedro Avelino is located at: Calle Los Andes 4, San Ramón de La Nueva Orán Salta.

  • Where are the coordinates of the Zarate Pedro Avelino?

    Latitude: -23.1377
    Longitude: -64.3326


Address Details:
Street Number: 4
Street Name: Calle Los Andes
Municipality: San Ramón de La Nueva Orán
Country Subdivision: Salta
Country Code: AR
Country: Argentina
Country Code ISO3: ARG
Freeform Address: Calle Los Andes 4, San Ramón de La Nueva Orán Salta
Local Name: San Ramón de La Nueva Orán

View Port:
Top Left: -23.1368,-64.33358
Bottom Right: -23.1386,-64.33162

Entry Point:
main: -23.1377,-64.3326

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