Mister Bolo

Entre Ríos, Argentina
Place Types : Amusement Arcade, Amusement Park
Address : Avenida Alem 1536, Chajarí Entre Ríos
Coordinate : -30.768047, -57.988915
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frequently asked questions (FAQ):

  • Where is Mister Bolo?

    Mister Bolo is an Amusement Arcade, located at: Avenida Alem 1536, Chajarí Entre Ríos.

  • How can I go to Mister Bolo?

    You can use the Google Maps navigation app:
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  • Where are the coordinates of the Mister Bolo?

    Latitude: -30.768047
    Longitude: -57.988915

Business Description:

Address Details:
Street Number: 1536
Street Name: Avenida Alem
Municipality: Chajarí
Country Secondary Subdivision: Federación
Country Subdivision: Entre Ríos
Country Code: AR
Country: Argentina
Country Code ISO3: ARG
Freeform Address: Avenida Alem 1536, Chajarí Entre Ríos
Local Name: Chajarí

View Port:
Top Left: -30. 76715, -57. 98996
Bottom Right: -30. 76895, -57. 98787

Entry Point:
main: -30. 76803, -57. 98878

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