Chonka Mirtha Irene

Chaco, Argentina
Place Types : Shop, Food Drinks: Grocers
Address : Calle Balcarce, Villa Ángela Chaco
Coordinate : -27.57602, -60.72916
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Business Description:

Address Details:
Street Name: Calle Balcarce
Municipality: Villa Ángela
Country Secondary Subdivision: Mayor Luis Jorge Fontana
Country Subdivision: Chaco
Country Code: AR
Country: Argentina
Country Code ISO3: ARG
Freeform Address: Calle Balcarce, Villa Ángela Chaco
Local Name: Villa Ángela

View Port:
Top Left: -27. 57512, -60. 73017
Bottom Right: -27. 57692, -60. 72815

Entry Point:
main: -27. 57602, -60. 72916

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