Crypto Waifus is an NFT platform, with on-chain governance,leveraging the Binance Smart Chain. The Crypto Waifus platformhas a set of Smart Contracts, with functionality to mintdistinct sets of uniquely identifiable digital assets, known as"NFTs" (Non-fungible Tokens), conforming to the ERC721 tokenstandard.Each digital asset minted by the Crypto Waifus smart contractsrepresents ownership of a procedurally generated anime waifucharacter, and inherits the robust, cryptographic security ofthe Binance Smart Chain. By using the ERC721 token standard,Crypto Waifu NFTs function as ownable, on-chain assets, whichcan be bought, sold, stored, viewed by others, or used as aplatform for further functionality via the ERC721 standard. Crypto Waifus use a soft-minting method, forked from Polkamon,to minimise the expense of minting the NFT. By adopting thesoft-minting method, users of the Crypto Waifus protocol maychoose their favourite NFTs to mint, and thus reduce the totalcost of minting. The Binance Smart Chain was selected to hostthe protocol, due to its cheaper usage fees when compared to itsrival Ethereum - further reducing the cost of minting NFTs onthe platform.

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