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Wendell Connor's Taxi Service and Car Rental

South Hill Village 2640


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South Hill Village 2640
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  • Anynomous
    04 November 2023

    Had the worst experience with this car rental company. I was shopping around for a good deal on a rental car and made an enquiry at Wendell Connor on two different car models. In our emails back and forth I was asked what property I was staying at and the dates of which I made the mistake of providing. When we arrived at our property in our rental from Bryan’s Car Rental, Wendell Connor took it completely upon themselves to deliver a car of their own choice to our property. Mr. Connor himself waited for us to come outside our villa like he was ready to fight. I was actually afraid. We were there for vacation, not a confrontation. I couldn’t believe this person was shaking us down like a mobster. Even the staff at the property was upset with his demeanor and called security in case the matter had escalated. He was not going to leave unless he got his $45 for his delivery charge. Mr. Wendell Conner is a thief and a bully as far as I am concerned. I wouldn’t recommend anyone does any business with a person like him. This was a complete shock to us as ALL the people we encountered on Anguilla were extremely nice and helpful. If you want to rent a car from a reputable company go with Ronnie Bryan (Bryan’s Car Rentals). The car was great, well maintained and clean. We picked up and dropped off our car at the ferry terminal and there were no problems at all.